Missouri Statewide Habitat Fund

We established a State Habitat Fund in Missouri to enable our Chapters to have a statewide impact. The account is funded by voluntary contributions from our chapters, our members and through other fundraising opportunities undertaken by staff.  This Fund is used to broaden our footprint and enhance our mission-reach. We generally focus our statewide work in three categories: habitat management, habitat protection and conservation outreach. As you read on you will learn about more of the details of how the Missouri State Habitat Fund is put to work.

Please consider contributing today. 

Habitat Management

Statewide Coordinator

  • Our coordinator leads efforts in the state to make Missouri QF and PF strong.

Wildlife Biologists

  • 6 Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist (currently)

Grassland Initiative

  • 1 Coordinating Wildlife Biologist

Landowner Workshops

  • Workshops held across the state focused on CRP, Pollinators, etc.

Landowner Habitat Tours

  • Public workshops held every year by our biologists

Prescribed Burn Workshops

  • Held across the state each winter for landowners and resource professionals

Habitat Protection

Missouri Permanent Habitat Fund

  • Building the public land base and protecting habitat permanently across Kansas

Conservation Outreach and Youth Engagement

Youth Pollinator Partnership

  • Pollinator seed, PF/QF shirts and all needed materials

Pollinator Workshops

  • Workshops at which leaders are coached in the best management of pollinators

Mentored Youth Hunts

  • Sponsored hunts where youth are coached on safe and practical hunting method